Zuckerberg intends to study cryptocurrency

Zuckerberg intends to study cryptocurrency

CEO of Facebook mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that it plans to begin studying cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies to improve the social network, which he founded.

In his post on Facebook, Zuckerberg has made a list of what he called personal challenges for next year, noting that we need to study “positive and negative aspects” of cryptocurrency and encryption.

Zuckerberg further said that the focus of his work this year will focus on the “important issues” in the field of technologies, media and interactions with governments.

I look forward to the opportunity to join the expert group for discussion and assistance on these topics.

However, his comments on decentralization, was the main reason for the numerous publications to write about it.

Zuckerberg called cryptocurrency one of the most interesting questions in the techno world today. He added that today many have lost the belief that “technology will be a decentralized force”:

There are important counter-tendencies to this – for example, encryption and cryptocurrencies, which take away power from centralized systems and return it into the hands of people… I find it interesting to delve deeper and to explore the positive and negative aspects of these technologies, and how best to use them in our services.

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