Zcash for will not deal with the ASIC-mi

Zcash for will not deal with the ASIC-mi

The zcash for members of the community voted against the allocation of resources to develop a solution that would make the network invulnerable to zcash for mining with ASIC-s.

According to the results of the vote, which was held by the Fund zcash for 45 people voted “against” the development of a solution that “would prevent the use of ASIC-s”. “For” the decision voted only 19 people.

The threat of ASIC mining is hotly debated in the community recently. Many miners don’t like the fact that for mining with ASIC-s you need to invest much more money than mining with graphics cards. Many believe that mining using video cards creates a more decentralized network of miners.

Andrew Miller, President of the Foundation zcash for, said he was “surprised” at the results of the vote:

It’s a pretty strong signal on the disputes. As I understand it, we are not going to make hasty decisions and redirect all the resources of the Fund zcash for the creation of solutions to prevent mining with ASIC-s.

The vote was attended by 64 elected representatives of the community zcash for who voted for 7 different issues.

This result, however, does not mean that zcash for not going to work in this direction.

Among the issues on which decisions were made was also a question of allocation of resources for long-term research in the field of more efficient algorithms. For this decision voted by 38 to 26.

At the workshop on mining, held on Tuesday, zcash for Company, which is engaged in the development of this cryptocurrency has announced that it will formulate its position on the issue of ASIC mining before the upcoming update Sapling in October.

The Fund operates independently of the zcash for zcash for Company and trying to make process decisions on the development of the network is more decentralized.

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