Xiaomi launches “cryptonomicon”

Xiaomi launches “cryptonomicon”

Xiaomi, one of the largest manufacturers of smartphones in China, today announced the launch of analog cryptococal.

The service is Jiami Tu (which means cryptocracy), and allows users with accounts Xiaomi to buy digital rabbits in different designs, which are stored and operate on the blockchain. However, it is unclear that a company uses public or private blockchain.

In terms of services States that first, the number of produced digital Pets will be limited and they will appear from 11:00 local time every day. The number of new rabbits that will be sold is still unknown.

Despite the “quiet” run in test mode, the service it seems is very popular among users and all cryptocracy diverge within the hour.

Xiaomi also highlighted that the platform prohibits any kind of fundraising or trade for Fiat money under the new service.

This is not the first initiative Xiaomi associated with the blockchain technology. Earlier, Xiaomi has joined the consortium Hychledger, with the aim of using blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of Internet projects of the company.

Cryptocracy is also not the first Chinese project. In February of this year, Chinese search giant has launched a similar application called “cryptozology”.

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