xGoogler Blockchain Alliance: Former elite Google has established a separate blockchain community

xGoogler Blockchain Alliance: Former elite Google has established a separate blockchain community

Today, a considerable number of entrepreneurs in order to increase profits and just for the sake of attracting your business attention, speculate Blockchain technology. And it’s not always a bad thing. In the end, technology has a huge number of advantages. In fact, people even claim that decentralized technology could help resolve the ongoing crisis data. Regardless, like it or not, the world goes on the blockchain.

15 April, the network reported that three former employees of Google have created their own blockchain community. This news is considered important for two reasons. First of all, people who previously worked at Google, one of the largest technology companies in the world. This means that all three have a huge experience in the field of technology that in the long term will help the community.

Secondly, in the past, Google had different opinions about Blockchain technology, never not clearly expressing his attitude. For example, in March, Google banned ad of cryptocurrencies in Google Adwords. Then, a week later, the Californian technology giant claims that is developing two products on the blockchain.

Regardless of what Google thinks about cryptocurrency, three of her former employee teamed up in a powerful team. New blockchain-the community is open to all ex-Google employees with an interest in technology. According to the founders, the community is intended to combine current or former employees of the Corporation to discuss new projects and ideas related bloccano.

The community named XGoogler Blockchain Alliance (GBA), was founded by Ketterson Xue, the Creator of the blockchain network Nebulas, a former engineering Director at Google Daniel Wang, and Creator of the blockchain Protocol Gifto Andy Tian.

All three are leaders of the Chinese blockchain community that makes sense, because China is actively associated with this technology. In the beginning of 2018 Internet advertising platform in China has moved into the industry of the blockchain. After the company ChinaNet Online Holdings first announced, the price of their shares increased by 300%!

GBA was not designed to strike at the inability of Google to support the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Instead, according to a press release on April 15, Xu, Wang and Tian have created a community for one specific reason:

“Google has always been at the forefront of new technologies around the world, from Android to artificial intelligence. As Google employees, we can bring our unique expertise to increase the impact of the blockchain for everyone and everywhere”

Despite the fact that XGoogler Blockchain Alliance is currently based only in Shanghai and Beijing, the founders stated that it is willing to expand its borders.

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