World’s top tennis player Serena Williams has invested in cryptocurrency in 2014

World’s top tennis player Serena Williams has invested in cryptocurrency in 2014

World-renowned tennis player Serena Williams announced on Instagram that in 2014 launched his own investment business Ventures Serena. Since then, the venture Fund has invested in over 30 companies, including major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase. According to the official website Serena Ventures, the market capitalization of the company’s portfolio exceeds $ 12 billion.

The site also says that the Fund focuses on emerging projects and encourages cooperation between companies, which intersect in its investment portfolio. In the opinion of management, it is only conducive to partnerships.

Serena Williams won four gold medals at the Olympic games and the Women’s tennis Association 8 times awarded it the status of the first racket of the world in singles. Moreover, in August last year, her personal fortune was estimated at $ 180 million.

Not so long ago, Reuters reported that venture capital investment in cryptocurrency and blockchain startups can set a new record in 2019. In addition, as stated in the report, IDC Government Insights, the U.S. Federal government will increase the cost of blockchain technology to 123,5 million dollars by 2022. It is 11.5 times more, compared with 10.7 million invested in the sector in 2017.

Recall that in October last year on the famous boxer Floyd Mayweather sued. The reason was a cryptocurrency is a Scam on Twitter. Boxer whether for the sake of hype, whether for a fee urged his subscribers to buy the coins at ICO Centra Tech project, whose founders subsequently arrested and charged with fraud.

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