William Shatner, famous as captain Kirk in “Star trek,” decided to join the cryptocurrency community

William Shatner, famous as captain Kirk in “Star trek,” decided to join the cryptocurrency community

Captain kirk could discuss the properties of dilithium crystals and give instructions to Rigel XII, but don’t ask him to explain what Bitcoin is.

“The concept is that it can be characterized only by the word “weird”,” said by phone Wednesday the Deputy is the alter ego of captain Kirk William Shatner. “You need to clear your mind and ask, “What is the blockchain? How does the mining? The concepts are really bizarre, and yet, when you begin to understand them, it makes sense”.

Shatner is representative of the Solar Alliance, which is developing alternative energy projects in Vancouver. Solar Alliance announced plans to build a mining farm mining bitcoins in an abandoned factory in Illinois.

The mining process requires a tremendous amount of electricity, and it is here that the President of the Solar Alliance Jason Buck saw an opportunity.

He said the policy of Illinois, which requires utility companies to buy renewable energy made the project economically feasible. Helped that the mayor of the city of Murphysboro, Steven Stevens, suggested that the company premises with an area of 165 000 square feet, which has been empty since 2004.

Buck said that the project will include the creation of huge solar panels on the 14-acre site of the plant. According to him, the space inside the building will be leased to companies for mining bitcoins, and educational center that will teach the installation of solar panels.

Mayor Stevens explained that his city has a population of 8,000 people located West of Carbondale, is in need of economic recovery:

“We, like many other States of Middle America, the observed reduction in jobs due to changes in the global economy.”

Many cryptocurrency to the skeptical attitude. The famous investor Warren Buffett recently called them “rat poison”, but according to Stevens, he is not afraid that the company, which is expected to be partially financed from the district budget, will be burned.

According to him, the technology of the Blockchain, in fact, a massive digital book in which transactions are securely recorded, are used by all industries, so the computing center of the solar batteries will have value, even if cryptocurrencies will disappear.

Shatner interested in Solar Alliance after he installed solar panels at his home in California. According to the actor, he can’t wait to see the new centre and finally understand how it works.

“It is so esoteric that it’s hard for me to understand.”

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