Why Tron (TRX) bought BitTorrent? The opinion of the co-founder of BitTorrent

Why Tron (TRX) bought BitTorrent? The opinion of the co-founder of BitTorrent

Co-founder of BitTorrent, in a recent interview expressed the opinion about that, what Justin San, the founder of the cryptocurrency of the Tron project, bought BitTorrent.

As you know Justin San BitTorrent acquired last month for more than 100 million U.S. dollars. Ashwin Navin, co-founder of BitTorrent, said that Tron most likely interested in the computational power of hundreds of millions of BitTorrent users.

BitTorrent for many reasons, was a revolutionary project in distributed systems. And we know that cryptocurrency based on decentralization and incentives to perform certain actions by members of the network. In the case of Bitcoin miners provide computing power for transaction processing.

As for BitTorrent, then you have hundreds of millions of users who made their computer available for file sharing. On the spot blockchain company, I tried to interest these people are not only free files, but also financial, in exchange for their computing power.

According to Joshua, Tron can use BitTorrent for the withdrawal of decentralization to new levels. In the process Tron can create a completely new peer-to-peer media form.

The media at the time played a significant role in the development of mankind. However, freedom of the press is limited by your financial capabilities. To support a printed publication or other media is expensive.

Decentralization has practically removed all barriers to those who want to create content. Before there was Facebook Live and YouTube, peer-to-peer networks have become the conduit through which it became possible to quickly share files that otherwise would be very costly. But today, there are still problems require high computational power, and I think it might be the next phase of development for BitTorrent.

In the place of TRON, I would have thought about how to turn a huge community of file-sharing, people who want to get the most from their computational resources.

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