Why quantum computer is an IBM not a game changer in the cryptocurrency market

Why quantum computer is an IBM not a game changer in the cryptocurrency market

The largest exhibition of technologies CES 2019 in Las Vegas featured many innovations. One of them is quantum computer from IBM called Q System One. Company representatives said the computer is designed for “commercial and scientific use” and it can be used for solving problems that are too complex for current computing systems. In media appeared reports that the quantum system IBM game changer to the stock market and will lead to imminent death of Bitcoin. Is it really so?

IBM introduced the quantum computing system

The IBM announcement of its new system of quantum computing have caused the cryptocurrency community concern that this technology could mean the death of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in General.

Fears based on the fact that the emergence of quantum computing can break modern encryption methods, undermining the security of the blockchain.

In the Q System One uses 20 Kubany chip IBM, and the company claims that the device is “intended for commercial use”.

Arvind Krishna, the Director of IBM Research, called the system “a transitional product, it is crucial for the extension of quantum computing beyond the research lab, as the company is developing a practical quantum applications for business and science”.

Although the IMB implies that the computer can be bought physically, until the device is available only through the cloud because of the need extremely delicate handling and climate that supports the work of the quantum chips. According to Gizmodo, IBM “already offers cloud-based access to the system with 20 Kubany chip”.

Experts doubt the practical use of 20-cubitas system IBM

Although some experts noted the importance of the Q IBM System One for commercial purposes, the majority is still skeptical about the capabilities of the system, considering that a 50-kubinyi chips are likely to have a wider range of practical applications.

Katzgraber Helmut (Helmut Katzgraber), chief scientist at Microsoft Quantum, also describe the new IBM as “a historic milestone that allows you to purchase a digital device for commercial purposes, even if the technology is in its infancy”, but believes that the system will be of little use after studies and PR.

IBM Q System One is not useful for calculations

Despite the increasing availability of quantum computing has been called “significant,” Andrew childs (Andrew Childs), co-Director of the joint center for quantum information and computing Sciences at the University of Maryland, expressed skepticism about the device IBM.

He said: “I think that if IBM wants to create something interesting, then you need to significantly improve the results, not just to place the qubits in a nice package”.

“This is not a quantum computer to practical use, and step to it,” said Winfried Hensinger (Winfried Hensinger), Professor of quantum technologies at the University of Sussex (the University of Sussex). — “Do not think of it as a quantum computer that can solve all the problems associated with quantum computing. Think of it as the prototype machine, allowing to test and develop some programs that may be useful in the future,” he added.

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