Whoever created Bitcoin, he is now one of the richest people in the world

Whoever created Bitcoin, he is now one of the richest people in the world

The night before all saints Day the Bitcoin Protocol was nine years old. Somehow this fact was left without attention from fans of the cryptocurrency.

On the eve of Halloween ( or group of people) named Satoshi Nakamoto, published a paper titled “Bitcoin is an electronic peer-to-peer cash system,” which describes the Protocol and operation of the payment system in a peer-to-peer network, the operation of which uses cryptography. That is why this kind of money called cryptocurrency.

Another record price of Bitcoin made its Creator the Creator of the 44th in the list of the richest people in the world, according to Forbes. It’s been 9 years since the publication of the Protocol, the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, and who hides behind a mask Satoshi is still unknown. In recent years, who not only suspected the role of “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Every day journalists under investigation and the theory put forward. Who just had bad luck to try on the title of inventor of the cryptocurrency. Among them Michael Clear 23-year-old student of Irish, Trinity College, specializing in cryptography, Neal king, Charles Bry and Vladimir oksman has filed a patent application, similar in style to the request of the Creator of Bitcoin.

The biggest suspicion is Australian Craig Steven Wright. In 2015, Wired magazine suggested that he is the mysterious Satoshi. A few hours later to the house of the Wright’s in Sydney was raided by police with a search warrant, on the basis that the search is connected with investigation of the tax service.

Wired magazine and Gizmodo based its hypothesis on the numerous e-mails to Wright, blog comments and transcripts of legal interviews. At that time, Wright has not commented on the incident, but later stated that he was the Nakamoto, who is looking for the whole world. However, to prove that he is the Creator of Bitcoin have Wright came out because he was not able to cryptographically sign a block of data created by the growth of cryptocurrencies — that could make a real Satoshi.

Whoever Satoshi Nakamoto in fact, its estimated 000 980 BTC are worth over $19 billion, more than Saudi Prince al-Walid Ibn Talal, but less than that of the widow of Apple cofounder Steve jobs, Lauren Powell jobs .

Of course, the question of the volatility of Bitcoin is still relevant — at the time of writing the price of bitcoin has declined, which has reduced the capital Satoshi. But it’s still the amount that keeps him in the top 50 of Forbes, on the line above the Russian billionaire Leonid Mikhelson. And who do you think is hiding under the name Satoshi?

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