Who was the “father” of the idea of cryptocurrency Timothy may and that will remain after his death

Who was the “father” of the idea of cryptocurrency Timothy may and that will remain after his death

White paper of Bitcoin many believe the starting point in the history of cryptocurrency. But the idea of it started before that — in the mind of the writer Timothy may. Last week at the age of 67 years, he died.

Facebook is developing cryptocurrency market is recovering, Tether confirmed reserves are only a short list of news that have been spread around the media last week. Among them, almost unnoticed there was one — the death of the author of the book “Manifesto of cryptoanalyst” Timothy James may, who is known as the “father” of the idea of cryptocurrency.

Fans may call it as a harbinger of what can happen with the technology of the blockchain, if it gets into the “wrong hands”.

“I can’t talk about what Satoshi wanted to do. But I am sure that his idea did not contain the bitcoin exchange with draconian rules KYC, AML, passport control, freezing the accounts and reports of “suspicious activity” to the local secret police. There is a real possibility that all this noise about “administration”, “management” and “blockchain” will create a state which will follow every dossier society,” said Mae shortly before his death.

According to fellow writer Lucky green, the author was able to build idea, which will determine the position of hundreds of thousands of fans not only cryptocurrencies but also technology in General.


Tim may was born in 1951 in the United States. During his life he built a brilliant career, the top of which was a job in Intel. Then Mei was listed as an engineer and senior researcher. He helped the current tech giant to solve “the problem of alpha particles”, which hindered the development of integrated circuits. For this he was awarded the IEEE award name Baker in 1981.

After five years he left Intel and started to work on the idea of cryptocurrency. In this he was helped by the huge technical experience.

“Timothy may was one of the first apologists and researchers of science, which began to develop the theme of cryptoservice. Moreover, he raised the aspects of economical activity of people, and indeed of society after life would be fulfilled, the capabilities of the cryptographic communication. That is, despite the fact that he was a scientist, a techie, he raised strong enough and important humanitarian issues. In fact, he was the first who managed to structure all this data,” explains co-founder of the Future Times Alex Pospehov.

However, according to experts, the “father” of cryptocurrency may be called is not entirely correct. Because he described the very nature of the economic relations of people, without delving into the purely “cryptocurrency issues”.

On the other hand, has yet to assess the contribution of Mai to the development of technology.

“I think it’s premature to make any claims. People have a habit of immediately after the death to crown those who had not previously noticed. Did you notice the discussion on Timothy may at balintore before his death? No,” says the co — founder of the project Fatcats.market and ValueHunters.com Nikolai Mokhov.

He believes that philosophy is a continuous process that began long before may and will last long.

“There is a development of human thought. To the human thought was influenced by Aristotle, and Hobbes, and Voltaire. Today, some views of Hobbes or Voltaire you seem wild. However, they have strongly influenced the modern world, modern politics and Economics. And I think Timothy may have made the same contribution to human thought. And the impact of his ideas will be evident a century later. Now this statement might seem ridiculous, and a name-don’t know him. Who is Timothy may, ask the guy who just bought 1000 BTC. He do not answer. But this man of Hobbes and Voltaire did not read”

Moreover, the same Creator of Bitcoin – Satoshi Nakamoto – didn’t want to reveal his identity to the world. And this is also part of the idea.

“The Creator of Bitcoin chose to remain anonymous. And it’s very cool. He by example showed that the person who conceived a huge industry, can maintain your right to anonymity. And the government is helpless in trying to understand who it was. The state remains in the cold. So it seems to me contrary to the very ideas cryptopenct to appoint even a spiritual father or if you prefer, ideological father of the cryptocurrency”

But if you know about “fatherhood” is still debatable, the one sure there is agreement – Mei, the founder of the idea of cryptoanalysis as such. In 1988, he published “the Manifesto of cryptoanalyst” – the work of just 500 words. But it was he who determined the exact vision of the future development of the technology. Mei wrote that computer technology will transform the nature of government regulation, taxation, economic cooperation, security of data, as the very nature of trust and reputation. And, of course, ordinary citizens should be given full power over their own data, as complete anonymity.

Moreover, Timothy may is a great example of how using word can create a milestone in the history of mankind. But do not forget that cryptoanalyst is primarily a right to privacy. In the Constitution of any country can be found right on anything but privacy.

What’s next

May gone, but his ideas remained. However, cryptomnesia are forced every day to fight for them. Especially considering the “nose” of the state, which it puts in all spheres of human life. But because increasingly the question arises about the reality of the implementation of ideas may in the present circumstances.

“Objectively difficult. The offline world is under the control of the state, and online we have small Islands of privacy. Private correspondence we learned how to defend, but with an anonymous trade is worse. Even though I do the latter and maybe that’s why you see mainly the difficulties and complexities. Pavel Durov is engaged in the protection of private correspondence, and he will probably say that everything is much more complicated than with anonymous trading,” says Nikolai Mokhov.

Another problem is that people are drawn to simple and clear things. The same Internet gained mass popularity only due to the simplicity. But he was once just ideas of a small group of people.

Every simple technology will be to join more and more people. It is quite possible that in the future the ultimate dream of cryptoanalysts will come true, and the government will no longer be able to specify whom and what to do. All were said to Timothy may.

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