Who really rules the ball: the daily income of cryptocurrency exchanges

Who really rules the ball: the daily income of cryptocurrency exchanges

Many researchers cryptocurrency industry, and just ordinary users, did not give rest a question: “ What is the net profit of the cryptocurrency exchanges for the day?”

Bloomberg, based on data CoinMarketCap.com and billing information on the websites of the exchanges, revealed those numbers.

So, total of top ten cryptocurrency exchanges per day generates revenues of $ 3 million, this means over $ 1 billion a year. As for the daily data for each of the exchanges separately, the figures are as follows:

  1. Binance ~ $3.5 million
  2. Upbit ~$3.5 million
  3. Huobi ~$2.5 million
  4. Bittrex ~$2.5 million
  5. Bithumb ~$2.0 m
  6. OKEx ~$1.5 million
  7. Bits Blockchain is ~$1.0 million
  8. Bitfinex ~$1.0 million
  9. Bit-Z ~$0.5 million
  10. GDAX ~$0.5 million
  11. Bitstamp ~$0.5 million
  12. WEX ~$0.5 million
  13. Kraken ~$0.25 million
  14. HitBTC ~$0.25 million

You need to consider that it is almost impossible to know what the fee levied on companies that are close to the exchange, and what discounts from the most active traders. While these numbers are not exact, the figures prove that virtual currencies pose a very real money.

Tokyo Binance and OKEx in Hong Kong handle the biggest volume of trades equal to about 1.7 billion dollars a day. Based on the fees in the amount of 0.2%, which is 0.07 higher than OKEx, Binance probably brings the most profit per day.

Huobi, Bitfinex, Upbit and Bithumb, which are also based in Asia, followed in the ranking below. They handle 600 to $ 1.4 billion with an average Commission of 0.3 per cent.

The influence of Asia on the cryptocurrency trading can be explained by the concentration in its territory mining companies. Another important factor is to consider the population of the region, which quickly adopted the new technology. More importantly tighter regulation of the cryptocurrency industry in China and South Korea has led to the fact that almost all the major Chinese and Korean companies opened their offices in Japan, USA and Europe.

All mentioned in the list of the exchange are private property, and their existence does not exceed a few years.

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