Who is to blame for the recent fall in the price of Ethereum?

Who is to blame for the recent fall in the price of Ethereum?

According to the study TrustNodes, published 13 September in the last 10 days. ICO-projects sold three times more Ethereum (ETH), than in August.

160.000 tokens, Ethereum sold over the past few days, account for nearly $ 33 million at the current rate. According to the study TrustNodes, 4 September, a number of ICO projects sold 82.000 ETH, after which there was a sharp decline in the price of ETH.

Average daily sales of ETH ICO-projects ranged from 1.000 to 5.000 ETH in August, while periodically amount reached 10.000 ETH. However, in September, 10,000 ETH has become almost a daily norm.

According TrustNodes, the total amount of Ethereum sold ICO for the last 30 days, is 283.000 ETH, which is nearly 60 million US dollars at the current rate.

Recalling Santiment, TrustNodes States that the largest share of sales is associated with ETH project Digix. According to CoinMarketCap, the project Digix owns Ethereum in the amount of about 150,000 million dollars, which greatly exceeds the current market capitalization of the coin itself DigixDAO project, which is 69 million dollars.

ICO-projects that raised funds in Ethereum are the main reason for the recent fall in the price of ETH, since some of the projects, withdrawals to cover current and future costs amid fears of a bear market. We will remind that last week the price of Ethereum fell below 170 dollars, which is the lowest rate in 2018.

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