Who else wanted to buy BitTorrent and for how much?

Who else wanted to buy BitTorrent and for how much?

It turns out that Tron is not the only cryptocurrency project, which was interested in acquiring BitTorrent.

According to Bolsa the investigation, which published the English edition of the cryptocurrency CoinDesk, another Chinese cryptocurrency project – NEO, planned acquisition of BitTorrent. Moreover, NEO was offered much more, namely about 170 million US dollars. The investigation also revealed that TRON had planned to purchase only a portion of the shares, but not all.

In the end, BitTorrent came to the conclusion that the proposal NEO was “not very favorable for the company and its shareholders.”

However, head of investment at NEO, Wau Zhu voiced a different point of view. In particular, he said that because of the situation in the U.S. market this winter, when Chinese companies have practically closed the possibility for investing in U.S. companies, the leadership of the NEO, there are fears that the Committee on foreign investment in the United States does not approve the transaction. And this was the reason that NEO refused to buy.

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