White House: cryptocurrency regulation in the near future will not

White House: cryptocurrency regulation in the near future will not

White house spokesman said Friday that in the near future should not expect regulation in the sphere of cryptocurrency.

In his statement to CNBC at the Munich conference on security, the cybersecurity coordinator for the White house and special assistant to the President, Bob Royce stated that:

I think we are still in the stage of learning. So I do not think that regulation will appear in the near future.

Agreeing with the opinion of the Secretary of the Treasury USA Steve Mnuchin, Joyce stated that the greatest concern he has is the use of bitcoin for criminal purposes. He stressed that the irreversibility of transactions in bitcoin’s bothering him the most.

We are worried, because bitcoin concept has its advantages – digital money, digital currency. But at the same time, if bitcoin is used in a crime, you will not be able to undo this operation.

We still do not understand how to work with it, so that’s a problem.

Recently, the representative of the Ministry of Finance of the USA has urged the international community to unite in the fight against threats, which carries a cryptocurrency for cyber security in different countries. In his opinion, only global coordination is the only thing that can stop the terrorists and authoritarian regimes from using cryptocurrency to Fund their activities.

World leaders mostly agree with this, including Christine Lagarde of the International monetary Fund (IMF), which in a recent interview said that the IMF is actively trying to prevent the illegal use of cryptocurrencies and supports internationally coordinated regulation.

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