Where in Kiev can eat and pay bitcoin? And what to do to become more?

Where in Kiev can eat and pay bitcoin? And what to do to become more?

Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, now enjoys great popularity in Ukraine. The main reason for this popularity is the sharp increase in the price of bitcoin and many altcoins. Most of those who recently plunged into the world of cryptocurrencies, and consider them as an investment asset, forgetting about the “currency” component.

What can you do to ensure that cryptocurrencies have become increasingly used?

Charlie Lee, Creator of litecoin, which is in the top 10 cryptocurrencies, said: “in order For a cryptocurrency has become really popular, not just buy it and keep hoping that the price will grow and you will become rich in a few months, a year or several years. In order to become really popular – you need to use it as a medium of exchange”. That is to use when shopping. Every time making purchases in shops or when paying in a cafe to ask if they accept payments with bitcoin? Even such a simple question can dramatically change the situation: though not a few days, but maybe in a few months places where you can pay with cryptocurrency, there will be more, and in a few years this will become the norm. Same as the credit card today.

We recently wrote about the experiment, the participants who had to spend a few days using only one or the other for calculations: bitcoin card, cash or gold. Oddly enough, but the participant who calculated bitcoins, there was not a lot more problems than those who paid via card and in cash. In the United States and Europe to survive, using for calculations only cryptocurrency, though it will not easy. And how this state of Affairs we have in Kiev?

Cryptocurrency? No, not heard…

We decided to find out where in Kyiv you can eat and pay with the cryptocurrency. A preliminary study showed that in Kiev, a lot of places where according to various sources on the Internet you can pay using cryptocurrency. However, as we all know, rely solely on the Internet is risky. So we decided to check and find out 100% where you can pay with bitcoins, but at the same time to learn from the several chain restaurants that were not in the original list, not whether they became agents of cryptocurrency in the world of catering.

Unfortunately, most administrators with whom we had the opportunity to speak on this subject, the word “cryptocurrency” and were lost to hear the word “bitcoin” didn’t really understand what was going on. In General, this is not surprising because in the media much more often the word “bitcoin”, rather than cryptocurrency.

Go directly to the restaurants. Network Pesto Cafe, which was in our initial list, was unable to confirm if they accept payments with bitcoins, and advised to submit a written request to the restaurant management, which unfortunately at the time of publication of the article remained unanswered. Another popular chain of restaurants, La Famiglia, we were informed that does not accept payments with cryptocurrencies. At Borisov we were not able to immediately answer this question, but after refiners said that, unfortunately, does not accept bitcoins. Moreover, we were the first who asked this question.

However, not all so bad as it might seem at first glance. The restaurant “Givi Rubinstein” we immediately and without hesitation replied that they accept payment in bitcoins and wait for us to visit. Vitalina, marketing Director of the restaurant “Givi Rubinstein”, so commented on this event:

For our restaurant – this is a positive indicator, because we are the first facility in Ukraine where you can pay with bitcoin. In fact, holders of so-called “cold wallets” quite a lot and we have repeatedly asked whether you can pay for your order virtual money. I would like to note that we are not cashable cryptocurrency, we only provide you the opportunity to pay with the cryptocurrency at the restaurant “Givi Rubinstein”.

And in the family restaurant “Mister Twister” also confirmed that accept bitcoin, but said that actually the customers who want to pay with cryptocurrency, are rarely caught.

Given such weak demand, it is not surprising that we have so few institutions that are willing to accept the cryptocurrency. There are those who refused to accept cryptocurrencies. For example, coworking “Dial”. In which tried to work with cryptocurrencies for a very long time, but after a few months as refused this payment method. Reasons for this include lack of demand and difficulties with the payments in the cryptocurrency.

So what is needed in order for cryptocurrencies to become truly popular? The first and most obvious is the willingness of consumers to use this method of payment. After all, crypto-currencies, apart from the fact that are decentralized, offer the same level of anonymity as cash, but at the same time eliminate the need for most of these cash. It’s like a map, but without your name on it, which is not something that the government, in General, no Bank in the world.

Graft – the most simple calculations in bitcoin

However, in order for a cryptocurrency started working various businesses that are needed, in addition to the desire of the clients, the infrastructure for processing such payments. In addition to its advantages, payment in cryptocurrency has its drawbacks. The Bane of most cryptocurrencies today is the low throughput. In the end, this resulted in low speed of transactions and increased commissions. None of the networks while cryptocurrencies can not be compared with throughput of Visa or MasterCard. There are several solutions to this problem, and one of them is the project Graft.

Graft is a global, open, based on the blockchain, a decentralized payment gateway that can be used by anyone. Graft – a project with an open ecosystem, so everyone can participate and thereby maintain the blockchain and to use network services.

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