What was the reaction of users to ban cryptocurrency advertising in Facebook. Is queue Google?

What was the reaction of users to ban cryptocurrency advertising in Facebook. Is queue Google?

Facebook users will no longer be spammed is a cryptocurrency, ICO and other things associated with this field. The social network has completely banned the advertising of this kind is in connection with increasing cases of fraudulent projects.

Unfortunately, the same fate befell the legitimate providers of financial services.

Ads that do not comply will be banned in Facebook and its associated platform, Instagram, as well as on the Audience Network.

The technical Director is Rob Facebook Coinn said that the ban was “intentionally global” to cut “deceptive and misleading” advertising.

Social networks react

As usual, it is possible to read many interesting reviews about the latest developments in the cryptocurrency space. Twitter advertising ban from Facebook was met with varying degrees of skepticism.

Twitter user Armin van Bitcoin subtly made fun of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who recently gushed positive reviews about the Blockchain technology:

Three weeks ago: “I am interested to know more about decentralisation and how to return power to the people”.
Today: “Facebook prohibits advertising of Bitcoin”

Another Twitter user, wondering about the motives of Facebook, simply use the hashtag #decentralized:

“#decentralized Wondering why the Facebook bandit?»

One of the users, apparently, Facebook supporting the decision, pointed to the fact how many users of this social network were deceived by fraudulent ICO advertised in Facebook:

“Facebook banned all advertisements related to the cryptocurrency, ICO, binary trading, etc, Many people were deceived by the advertising of counterfeit ICO. TON and jio — bright examples”

Meanwhile, Brian Haggerty noticed that such a policy Facebook has nothing to do with Bitcoin, but the news of the ban on advertising would inevitably lead to further fear, uncertainty and doubt ( FUD):

“Even more #FUD. Everyone is panicking, as usual. What business today’s news headlines relate to Bitcoin? What. That’s why in this new area of vital knowledge and understanding of what is happening”

Omar BEM suggested that this position Facebook will help Google to increase advertising revenue:

“The good, the bad and the ugly. Interestingly, Google will follow the example, or simply get a higher revenue from advertising… this obviously will affect all in the industry”

Someone did not upset this state of Affairs, and saw the opportunity to buy even more bitcoins:

“Facebook bans associated with cryptocurrency ad. Samsung launches ASICS’s. Bitcoin falls below $10 thousand And the mainstream media continue to do the good old “bitcoin collapses” news. I buy BTC to HODL”

The first tweet with the greatest confidence can be called the most revealing, since it highlights the degree of hypocrisy of Facebook founder Zuckerberg.

In early January Zuckerberg said he was “interested in deepening and exploring the positive and negative aspects of these technologies and how best to use them in my company”.

Fraudulent ICO advertised in Facebook attracts gullible investors, and put an end to such a Scam is necessary. But a total ban may have a serious impact on legitimate businesses that really do a lot for the development and implementation of blockchain technology.

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