What was the reaction of the price of EOS to run the core network?

What was the reaction of the price of EOS to run the core network?

Yesterday, the main developer of the EOS Block.one released the first version of its blockchain Protocol, EOSIO. The software is a platform designed to create decentralized applications.

Block.one does not guarantee that EOSIO will work as intended without bugs and errors, and warns all developers that they are responsible for working with EOSIO.

But running the core network is not the only news from Block.one. Yesterday also it became known about the launch, in partnership with the investment firm SVK Crypto, a special Fund size of about $ 50 million U.S. to support the development of ecosystem EOSIO.

All this positively affected the price of EOS. Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, the price of EOS showed the best dynamics, the growth amounted to almost 27%. And at the moment the bitcoin is on the 5th place in terms of capitalization.

The maximum level to which managed to rise the price is at the level of 15.61 USD. At the moment the price is in the correction stage and is around 14.86 USD.

Recall that on the eve of the launch of the EOS the core network is the leading Chinese company in the Internet security Qihoo 360, revealed several security vulnerabilities in the blockchain EOS. However, they were fixed the same day.

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