What joint is the future of BitTorrent and Tron?

What joint is the future of BitTorrent and Tron?

After the acquisition of BitTorrent founder of cryptocurrency project Tron Justin San has been definitively confirmed, there are a lot of rumors, it is now to change this service.

Among the popular assumptions it is possible to allocate two: using a distributed network BitTorrent for mining or trying to make part of the services for BitTorrent pay with the possibility of payment in bitcoin Tron.

However, in a statement published on the website of BitTorrent, the company representatives said that they “do not plan to change” its business model and will not charge a fee for their services. In addition, the company stated that it has no “plans for the integration of any cryptocurrency now or in the future.”

BitTorrent is a pioneer in the field of file sharing using peer-to-peer networking, and we believe that our vision of the democratization of the Internet, with decentralized access to information remains relevant, kaki before.

The news of the sale of the company appeared for the first time last week, and on Tuesday it became known that the price of the transaction amounted to $ 140 million. However, the co-founder and former BitTorrent President Ashwin Navin said in an interview that the actual cost amounted to $ 120 million.

The transaction value is approximately $ 120 million. Unfortunately, some editions published in an overestimation, which is not true.

Immediately after confirmation of the transaction, the price of tokens Tron TRX jumped almost 20 percent.

Justin San, commenting on the deal, said that he “respects the company BitTorrent”, but refused to share his plans for the future of their two companies.

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