What is the next cryptocurrency will appear on Binance? The scandal with the voting

What is the next cryptocurrency will appear on Binance? The scandal with the voting

24 Jul Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced the beginning of voting for the “Coin of the month”. In total there are 5 candidates. One of the cryptocurrencies that will get the most votes will receive a listing on Binance within a reasonable time.

26 Jul users Redditors suggested that the voting is unfair way and more than 50% of the votes were obtained unfairly.

Among cryptocurrencies, for which you can vote for next: Libra Credit [LBA], Locktrip [LOC], Mithril [MITH], NKN [NKN] Polymath [POLY]. End of votes and Declaration of results will take place on 30 July.

The peculiarity of this vote is that the results depend on the number of tokens Binance [BNB] on account of the users who vote, and not on the amount of users who have voted. In simple words, the more BNB on account of the user, the higher the probability that the coin for which he votes will be the winner.

In addition, voting for the candidate fee is 0,1 BNB.

One Reddit user, Arbobmehmood, believes that voting is a dishonest way:

Apparently the vote this month trying to manipulate, and about 50% of the votes come from the 10 accounts. Manipulations are in favor of the Libra Credits (LBA) and Mithril (MITH). One of the accounts funded 193 other account in the amount of about 400 BNB. So just listed 65,420 BNB or 25% of the total number of votes.

The user Meduim, Cryptodaku supports the theory of manipulation and leads their calculations:

We see that this purse [0x2a74f3A43A0b13eFdc1413C665E68af7d09b0811] began translating almost 20k BNB, which is equal to 20 thousand votes. About 520 BNB was sent to various accounts Binance.

These users come to the conclusion that the two addresses are manipulated elections and, in addition, they are among the top 10 wallets LBA. The total number of LBA on their account equivalent to approximately 13333323 LBA.

Similar manipulations are carried out for MITH.

However, despite all this, at the time of this writing, the favorite of the vote is NKN, Mithril is in second place, and Libra Credit on the third.

Representatives of the exchange have not commented on the allegations of manipulation. But the head of the exchange said that if manipulation took place, they will treat them with all the rigidity.

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