What is Callisto (CLO) and as the owners ETC can get a brand new cryptocurrency for free?

What is Callisto (CLO) and as the owners ETC can get a brand new cryptocurrency for free?

Ethereum Commonwealth announces the launch of a new blockchain called Callisto Network (CLO).

Client source code Callisto can be found here. More information about the project can be found in the documentation (version 0.9). Developers are a core priority call security. Citing numerous cases of hacking projects on the basis of the block chain ETC and ETH, the developers aim at designing a secure blockchain.

During startup Callisto all accounts ETC on the balance sheet at the time the unit 5.500.000 get the equivalent amount of CLO in the ratio 1:1. Users can use the same address and account networks ETC and CLO.

How to get CLO if I have ETC?

Any user of the network ETC, you can use your account on the network CLO. Each address account ETC, ETC have a balance at the time the unit 5.500.000, will receive the equivalent amount in CLO automatically at the time of launch of project Callisto. After the fork you can go into your wallet, and your CLO should already be there.

However, this is true only for wallets that give you access to the private keys of your wallet ETC.

At the moment of such wallets are only two:

  • ClassicEtherWallet
  • ClassicMask

Coinomi also officially confirmed that it will support CLO:

MyEtherWallet also expected to work with Callisto, but it depends on the developers MEW. If they don’t add support for Callisto, you can use the account MyEtherWallet in ClassicEtherWallet. They are fully compatible.

What should I do if I have ETC on one of the cryptocurrency exchanges?

Each exchanger and the exchange has an account (or multiple accounts) that stores ETC. Technically this account will receive the CLO during the airdrop in the same way as any other account. But will you get your CLO if you store ETC on the exchanger or not depends on the specific exchange.

The list of exchanges that support the CLO should appear later.

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