What cryptocurrencies are willing to work MasterCard?

What cryptocurrencies are willing to work MasterCard?

According to co-President of Mastercard in the Asia-Pacific region, MasterCard has a positive attitude to the idea of using the national digital currencies issued by Central banks.

Chief Executive officer MasterCard Ari Sarker told the Financial Times that “if the government wants to create a national digital currency, we will be very happy to consider working with her”:

While they are supported by the regulator, and have intrinsic value, are not anonymous, meets all regulatory requirements, I think it would be interesting to work with such a currency.

Ajay Banga, MasterCard CEO, last fall, said that MasterCard will find “a way to be in the game” if the government decides to issue national cryptocurrency, and all other cryptocurrencies, according to the Director General, are garbage

The idea of creating a national cryptocurrency is being discussed in several countries. The most notable and the only implementation is the Venezuelan “Petro”, which was recently released by the government of President Maduro.

Sarkar also said that MasterCard is currently in pilot programs in Japan and Singapore is working with bitcoin, but the program includes components of KYC and AML:

We do not sell bitcoins via the MasterCard network. This is a pilot program and we are fully aware of reputational risks.

Mastercard has also filed a patent application that describes the technology of making instant payments on the basis of the blockchain in November last year, a representative of MasterCard, said that MasterCard Labs has applied for over 30 patents related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies:

MasterCard Labs is working on the blockchain technology that will support a broad range of use cases, including, but not exclusively for interbank payments, tracking of funding commitments, of sharing customer data within the framework of the fight against money laundering between trusted parties, etc.”

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