Wellington Management Group, which manages $1 trillion, is targeting crypto-currencies

Wellington Management Group, which manages $1 trillion, is targeting crypto-currencies

According to the February report of Wellington Management company for management of investment assets, holding giant officially considering adding cryptocurrency in some of their portfolios.

News sources claim that the company’s system now include various derivatives of Bitcoin. Along with this development of the main investment Department of the company began to study companies associated with the mining hardware. Market participants who use or plan to use the Blockchain technology, is also under the gun from Wellington Management.

The team that issued the report included analysts Matthew Lipton and Lee Saba. The report States:

“Different teams Wellington Management are already engaged in the development portfolio to benefit in the areas of mining or Blockchain technology, for example, by investing in manufacturers of microchips, and other components of equipment for mining”.

However, it is important to note that the official position of Wellington Management relative to the crypto — nastrojarna. Currently analysts conduct extensive research of digital coins before you write additional reports about its cryptocurrency plans.

Wellington Management currently responsible for managing more than $1 trillion of client funds. The company also acts as the investment Advisor for 2150 institutional clients in more than 50 countries.

Approved plan Wellington to start testing digital currency could provide the impetus for other institutional investors to do the same. If large firms begin to openly and formally to invest in the cryptocurrency over time we can expect a dramatic increase in market capitalization.

The solution to Wellington Management to direct capital to their disposal to invest in the company related to cryptocurrencies, most likely caused by the recent incredible growth of the stock of such companies. For example, stock prices Overstock, Nvidia and Square have soared thanks to the participation of companies in the development of the cryptocurrency space and mining sectors.

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