Welcome! New business model straight from Vegas — cryptocurrency strippers with a personal QR code

Welcome! New business model straight from Vegas — cryptocurrency strippers with a personal QR code

The possibility of using cryptocurrency are expanding every day. Of course, for the most part they are used for making online payments for goods or services. However, their use has acquired a completely new look in one nightclub Las Vegas.

Scanning moving target

Popular British tabloid the Sun reported that every dancer from exclusive night strip club Vegas inflicted on the body personal QR code that allows customers to give tips anonymously and digital currency. The article said that the Legend’s Room was the first who made a step towards innovation, which allows regulars to anonymously pay for the services of the club.

Club owner Nick Blomgren told the local media:

We have a way we can use cryptocurrencies in our business about fifteen years ago. It all started with the fact that we spent brainstorming. First, we thought about how you can apply them in my martial arts club. Good balance, we came to the decision that the best cryptocurrency work in a strip club. This is the best place where you can spend if you don’t want your wife to know about some ways of spending leisure time.

He added that cryptocurrency has a great future

Some people become part of the era dot.com and if then you do not have time to train — jump to this.

Some of the dancers stated that they prefer the cryptocurrency to cash, because the payments it instant and anonymous, although the bill is also unlikely to be tracked. Here the case is different: some banks reserve the right to close your account, if you work in the adult entertainment industry.

Bitcoin Paradise in Las Vegas

The adoption of Bitcoin in Vegas long ago moved beyond the strip clubs. For example, casino The D, have installed Bitcoin ATMs, which, according to owner Derek Stevens, permanently filled:

“Damn machine constantly filled! It is designed for $ 80,000 and filled to the eyeballs every couple of days.”

Sin city likes to invent and develop a new promising business model and therefore accepted the cryptocurrency with open arms.

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