Web site classified ads Craigslist has introduced the confirm button to cryptocurrency

Web site classified ads Craigslist has introduced the confirm button to cryptocurrency

Craigslist now allows users to specify that they agree on payments in the cryptocurrency.

A huge step towards inclusion

Screenshots in social networks confirm the move, which marks the first official interaction between the resource and technology.

Craigslist, which occupies the first place in private ads according to SimilarWeb and Alexa rating of 106, has made a huge step in support of the cryptocurrency, according to review members of the community.

“Craigslist is a huge number of people, and something tells me that between Craigslist and certain bitcoin no connections”, – stated in the comments.

This means that for many people not familiar with bitcoin, it will be possible to discover it in the form of options.

Massive “head” of bitcoin has intensified in recent months with the involvement of wall street and the rise of public awareness. This, in turn, outlined the creation of additional variants for use by consumers. While Craigslist was the first major trendsetter in the ad space.

One field for check box, Craigslist engages in the cryptocurrency sphere

The “support” of cryptocurrency is to some extent wondergenes. When placing an ad, users can now select “cryptocurrency OK” (consent to the use of cryptocurrency) to indicate to buyers that they can pay for offered goods or services in bitcoin, presumably in any.

Waving a doubt about safety, in another comment on Reddit explains how you can make the payment in practice.

“From the point of view of the seller, they can have the wallet watch-only to see confirmation of the transaction. From the point of view of the buyer, if they pay private purse with the private key, they may be worried that the seller can Rob them via mobile, while it is open”.

If the seller agrees to fix the price in BTC, the buyer can simply provide a signed transaction from a non-mobile wallet and use the service pushtx to the seller. Mobile wallet is not needed.

A seller with a good reputation/rating, which may bind it to your phone (number) can also request an advance payment before the arrival of the buyer to have time to confirm.

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