Waltonchain published a reward system for miners and owners of master node

Waltonchain published a reward system for miners and owners of master node

Waltonchain the project was launched in November 2016 and is a joint project of Chinese and Korean developers. The aim of the project is to combine blockchain technology and identification with the use of radio frequency devices (RFID).

According to the founders of the project this should contribute to the spread of the blockchain and the Internet of things (IoT) and create a credible, traceable and fully transparent business ecosystem.

The structure of an ecosystem. implies the use of side chain (sidechains) or as they are called in this case, the parent chain and padapa (daughter chains). The token used in the blockchain is called Waltoncoin (WTC).

WTC was established as a ERC20-compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain. The issue volume amounted to 100 million WTC.

The 31 first of March, the project announced the launch of the core network of the project.

And yesterday the authors of the project have published a special document, which in detail told about how and under what conditions the miners and holders of master node will be able to get the reward.

The reward system is quite complex and this is largely due to the fact that Waltonchain goes with a token on the basis of ERC20 on their own tokens. Absolute advantage is the progressive scale of remuneration for the owners of mastered.

In addition, the authors of the project decided to hold a special airdrop for all long-term investors, who thus supported the project at an early stage. Everyone who had a balance over 5000 WTC on December 10th will receive an additional 700 WTC until April 17, 2018.

At the moment, the price of a token WTC, according coinmarketcap.com is about 10.5 US dollars.

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