Wallet Zap for Lightning Network is ready for beta testing

Wallet Zap for Lightning Network is ready for beta testing

Developer Jack Mallers announced that the purse Zap will be ready for beta testing in a test network Lightning Network in the United States.

The developers of the wallet Zap want to simplify transactions on the Lightning Network for the average user. If you believe the demo video, the wallet is really very easy to use:

However, Mellers claims that a beta version of the wallet is not yet ready to work in the core network. Any attempt to transfer funds using a beta version of a wallet can result in the loss of your funds.

What is Lightning Network?

The chain Lightning is one of the most popular solutions to the problem of scalability of the bitcoin network at the moment. In addition, Lightning Network also allows you to make transaction between different blockchains (which support the technology) directly.

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LN is already working

Now cases use Lightning Network becomes more and more. In January was made the first purchase of physical goods using LN.

Thus, Zap is the next step in the development of a Lightning Network. This is certainly a very positive signal, given that to use Lightning Network without special training or not having programming skills is almost impossible. In the video below you can see how now the transaction is performed in LN. It’s really hard:

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