Wall street is ready to invest trillions of dollars in cryptocurrency

Wall street is ready to invest trillions of dollars in cryptocurrency

Co-founder of Ethereum Charles Hoskinson believes that critics of the cryptocurrency ignore one important fact, namely, the number of institutional investors that are prepared to invest in cryptocurrencies.

According to Hoskinson, wall street is ready to invest “tens of trillions” of dollars after “the next wave of regulation.”

Several major players already in full swing preparing for the arrival of institutional investors. Circle, which is owned by Goldman Sachs has announced the launch of stable koina to minimize the volatility of the cryptocurrency markets and attract investors from wall street.

Coinbase is developing four new product aimed at attracting the ” $ 10 billion for institutional investors.”

Nasdaq has partnered with cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gemini, which uses their technology to create a more robust trading platform, which would satisfy the technical requirements of the institutional traders.

Industry leader – Susquehanna International Group, one of the largest investment companies in the world, opens trade Bitcoin, Cash Bitcoin and Ethereum for a small group of qualified investors.

And Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange is in talks with the Malta stock exchange on the introduction of new trading pairs cryptocurrency/Fiat currency.

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