Vitaly Buterin became an adviser to the new Ethereum Foundation

Vitaly Buterin became an adviser to the new Ethereum Foundation

Famous investors and community members ethereum announced the creation of a new Fund called Ethereum Community Fund (ECF).

This initiative is a joint effort of the Cosmos, Golem, Global Blockchain Labs, Maker OmiseGo, Raiden and Tendermint. Participants believe that the time has come when you must associate Ethereum with real businesses that can benefit from this technology.

The Fund will also support projects under the grants program. Their support for the Fund expressed Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who in a letter to CoinDesk confirmed that he is one of the advisors of the Fund.

Over the past few years Ethereum exceeded my expectations, but the work is not completed.

In 2018 the main purpose of all cryptocurrency projects is to provide real working solutions to prove that all the hype around the cryptocurrency is something worthwhile. ECF will work on the development of the ecosystem and thus will help in the implementation of such projects.

ECF is not the only project, which aims at the development of the ethereum ecosystem.

The Ethereum Foundation, a nonprofit organization that oversees the development platform, announced two subsidy programs in January that are designed to encourage developers to work on systems at scale. Similarly, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance provides assistance to companies that are implementing technology based on ethereum.

ECF participants hope that their example will encourage others to work actively to help in the development of the ethereum ecosystem. Jan Hasegawa, founder OmiseGO commented on this initiative:

One project can create a product that will change the entire industry. But working together, we can create a structure that will change the world.

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