Vitalik Buterin no long-term plan for Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin no long-term plan for Ethereum

In the world of cryptocurrency long-term vision and prospects are of paramount importance. But apparently not for everyone. In a recent interview Vitalik Buterin said that no development plan for Ethereum had not. He sets short-term goals only for the next few months. It is worth noting that while this fact does not prevent the project to develop successfully.

Acne Buterin — not a great strategist

You can easily say that cryptocurrencies do not need long-term plans. Because the industry is still evolving and only recently “came out of childhood.” Setting a clear time limit often does not work and only leads to stressful situations. However, the community has the right to demand from Vitalik’s answer to the question — what is Ethereum in the next five to ten years? Have Baterina no answer and he explains:

“Ethereum grew up. It just so happens that Ethereum has evolved without my participation and without the participation of any other key industry figures. I have no idea what stage I want to be in a few years. I do not have the habit of making plans more than three months in advance, not to mention five years”.

Despite the lack of long term vision, Ethereum seem to ripen by itself. Acne Buterin is not the only person working on the code for this cryptocurrency. Increasing the development team polishes the code that adds new features and makes suggestions. But none of these people is not in the spotlight, as Buterin.

Most people assume that acne Buterin — another developer of cryptocurrencies for money. Those who know him a little better, say that everything is just the opposite. He always was no matter what someone made millions on this. Ethereum was never Vitalik springboard for a career, but it’s not so bad. Speaking of those who enriched themselves on the cryptocurrency, he jokingly adds:

“It’s just a smile of fortune, but those who are lucky, for some reason I think I deserve it because of a superiority in intelligence. I was dedicated, I was virtuous and I held onto the project, so I deserve my five mansions and a Lamborghini 23”

While some people may criticize Vitalik for the lack of a long-term plan, others think that’s nothing to worry about. For quite a long time along with other enthusiasts Vitalik Buterin totally focused on your project. Ethereum is close to the transition to the next stage of evolution — the method of proof-of-stake. It is said the boy

Killer Ethereum could become only the Ethereum.

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