Vitali spoke against hard forks Ethereum

Vitali spoke against hard forks Ethereum

Acne Buterin opposed to hard forks, whose sole purpose is to make mining with ASIC-s is impossible.

As you know Bitmain recently announced the release party ASIC-s for work in Ethereum, Antminer E3. In response to community Ethereum began to gain popularity the idea of holding a hard forks, which, bitcoin mining with ASIC-s would become impossible. At a recent meeting of developers Vitali voted against hard forks.

During the meeting, one of the leading developers, Piper Merriam, even outlined a detailed technical proposal that describes hardwork.

Despite this, Buterin suggested that this issue may not be worth the effort:

To ensure that all updated will be difficult and will distract from more important things. So I, at the moment, inclined to do nothing.

At the same time, Merriam stressed that his proposal is a short-term solution which will provide no protection from ASIC s indefinitely. Rather, the proposal simply “incapacitate existing equipment,” said Merriam.

In response Buterin stated that any such efforts draw resources away from previously planned changes, which makes mining with the help of any equipment impossible.

At the same time Hudson Jameson, who heads the community said that this code (which makes it impossible for mining with any hardware) will undergo a formal verification process starting in may. It is expected that it will take about five months.

However, Jameson said that if the ethereum community will strongly favor the fork in this direction can be undertaken certain efforts, regardless of the opinions of the developers.

If the community really wants that to happen and that is a good reason we can do that, but now the majority seems to believe that to do nothing.

At the meeting Buterin also touched upon his recent proposals on the introduction of restrictions on the emission of Ethereum. If this proposal is approved by the community, it can be implemented along with Casper.

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