Visiting cryptocurrency billionaire: Anthony Di Iorio spending a fortune to create a futuristic home

Visiting cryptocurrency billionaire: Anthony Di Iorio spending a fortune to create a futuristic home

Anthony Di Iorio made a fortune as an early investor in Bitcoin and Ethereum. Today cryptocurrency billionaire spends their money on two projects in Toronto.

Recently, Di Iorio has acquired two buildings in Toronto. One of them is office space area of 15,000 square feet, are intended for blockchain-companies Decentral and the other a three-story penthouse that will serve as his home. Di Iorio paid for pentahus $ 21 million and plans to spend even more to construct it.

Anthony plans on both are extremely unconventional. In the office he wants to place holograms of virtual receptionists, moving walls, secret passages and glass floors, is a Playground for Aston Martin on the remote control.

The new office of Decentral, located in the heart of the financial and entertainment district of Toronto.

When you first enter the office, you are greeted by a hologram of the administrator and four hidden doors.

The administrator asks a question, and the answer depends on which of the doors will open.

One of the doors leading to the oval meeting room with a curved television screen, reproducing a 3D panorama.

For the meeting room is the main office, which also covered TV panels

“The space will be white and neutral,” said Di Iorio. “We want to have the feeling of moving walls.”

A secret corridor leading to the office, Di Iorio.

Di Iorio plans to build a conference room with glass floors where you can see the miniature Aston Martin, which is part of car online games and remote controlled, where as a reward you will use cryptocurrency.

Last month in new York it company Di Iorio played between partygoers on the yacht two Aston Martin.

Di Iorio seeks to cause visitors to the office feel like they are inside a video game.

In addition to the new office space Decentral, Di Iorio has acquired a three-story penthouse at the residence of the St Regis Toronto. New house cost him about 21 million dollars.

Di Iorio wants to turn the penthouse into something more than just a house. He is willing to hold private events. Anthony has painted all the walls white, so each of them could receive the projection.

Top floor, most likely, will not be much changed, because the ceiling is made in the style as the cathedrals.

“The purchase of this property proves once again that I will stay in Canada for a long time. Let’s transform Canada and Toronto in the technology center,” said Di Iorio

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