Video sites you can use for mining cryptocurrency

Video sites you can use for mining cryptocurrency

Recently, torrent site PirateBay was seen in the use of computing capacities of its visitors for the mining of cryptocurrencies. The creators of the programs to ensure privacy and ad blocking Adguard found that more than a billion of users have on their computers installed malware for mining cryptocurrency Monero.

According to RT, the sites Openload, Streamango, Rapidvideo, and OnlineVideoConverter accused of mining cryptocurrencies while users view online video.

Installing on the user’s computer, the websites allow hackers to mine Monero.

Co-founder Adguard Andrew Sacks reiterated that the company was able to detect the activity of malware with its own:

“We are faced with a number of popular sites, who secretly used the resources of the user devices for mining cryptocurrency. According to SimilarWeb, the audience of the above platforms is more than 992 million people a month.”

According to Meshkov, a huge amount of Monero was mined for a short period of time:

“Monthly income is the secret of mining, given the current rates Monero can be up to $326 000. It’s just outrageous numbers.”

Monero just easier?

Although bitcoin’s most valuable cryptocurrency, it is almost useless to try mine without special equipment.

Peter Arntz from Malwarebytes says that Monero is much easier to use and mine that attracts hackers. He added:

“For mainiga Monero does not need integrated circuit (ASIC). You can start the process using any CPU or GPU. But, without ASIC almost pointless to participate in the process of mining bitcoins”.

If you suspect that you have become the victim of a secret hashing and treat those who do not want to resources your personal computer has been used for this purpose, please note our recommendations.

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