Viber is not behind the Telegram and launches its own cryptocurrency

Viber is not behind the Telegram and launches its own cryptocurrency

The owner of Viber and CEO of Rakuten, announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency. According to the idea of Hiroshi Mikitani, a new cryptocurrency will reduce the fee in the exchange and increase the number of international transactions.

According to Mikitani, Rakuten cryptocurrency Coin is based on its own blockchain, and the number of tokens is unlimited. Mikitani hopes that his offspring will become cross-border payment method.

Are we are witnessing an attempt to keep up with Viber Telegram? Then, it is unlikely to succeed, given the semi-annual break. In fact, the cause of the Rakuten Coin is quite different.

In 2016, the Japanese company Rakuten, which owns the messenger Viber, acquired the bitcoin wallet Bitnet, which had previously invested, and created our own blockchain laboratory. Rakuten Coin — one of the first achievements of this transaction, which aims to transfer the bonus program Rakuten Super Points on blockchain.

Rakuten also owns the French trading platform the us and PriceMinister cashback service Ebates, the company acquired for $1 billion in 2014.

Mikitani said:

“Our goal is to use the cryptocurrency to reconstruct the trading network. We strive to be a catalyst. Our philosophy is to give power in the hands of society, not just provide financial benefits”.

Also the company noted that “people want certain things that are impossible to get anywhere else” except in the Japanese market, Rakuten, which comprises about 44,000 of stores and billions of users from around the world. The service plans to increase activity in its messenger Viber, which is used by over a billion people.

Date of issue of the new cryptocurrency is not yet known.

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