ViaBTC announces the closing of the market for cloud mining contracts

ViaBTC announces the closing of the market for cloud mining contracts

Chinese bitcoin mining pool ViaBTC announced that this week it is closing its cloud mining contracts. It is important that this comes amid rumors that Chinese authorities intend to completely get rid of the miners in the country.

In a communication dated 8 January ViaBTC said that close the market, through which users can purchase contracts giving them a right to a certain amount of hash power (and related cryptocurrency payments) – 10 Jan. The reason: the company wants “to control speculation and protect the interests of its investors.”

We ask that you complete all operations related to mining contracts as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding.

ViaBTC first launched the service cloud of mining in November 2016.

Just a few months ago, under pressure from the Chinese authorities ViaBTC was forced to close its cryptocurrency exchange.

The announcement of the closure of mining contracts takes place amid speculation that the people’s Bank of China wants to gradually replace the mining business of the country.

For the first time such information has appeared over the weekend, later appeared information about the fact that we are not talking about a complete cessation of activities, and standardized against the miners and prohibiting them to use a variety of benefits.

A representative of the Xinjiang confirmed that the rumors are not unfounded and such documents exist, but refused to further comment on the situation.

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