Vertcoin update the brand and announces the launch of the Fiat exchangers

Vertcoin update the brand and announces the launch of the Fiat exchangers

Vertcoin (VTC) is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is supported and developed by the community and relies heavily on organic growth. This cryptocurrency has recently updated its logo and is seriously preparing to launch a private exchange, where VTC to be traded against Fiat currency.

In fact, this cryptocurrency a lot of advantages. Vertcoin one of the first implemented the technology of the atomic swap, which makes it compatible with other cryptocurrencies that use this technology. In addition, Vertcoin is doing everything to this cryptocurrency could only mine with GPU to avoid race ASIC-s. Unfortunately, Vertcoin is now not very popular with miners. Hasret, the network has been reduced by half (if compared with December) with 3.6 TH/s to 1.8 TH/s. Halving (reducing the reward for the miners for the block in half) also adversely affect the interest of the miners .

VTC market price fell along with other cryptocurrencies, to 2.50 dollar losing 13% in the last 24 hours. However, the community continues to work and came close to the launch of the Fiat exchangers for VTC in England and the United States.

Vertbase and Vertpig

Vertbase is an American cryptocurrency exchange on which the VTC will be traded against USD. At the moment VTC is mainly traded against BTC, and thus when price falls for free the number one, the price of VTC is also beginning to fall, like most altcoins. That is why the Vertcoin community decided to create their own exchange where VTC to be traded against Fiat currencies. This should completely change the principles of formation of the price of VTC.

Start Vertbase and Vertpig exchanges based in the UK, was announced in December, and now they are almost ready to launch.

Vertbase future, given the increasing regulatory pressure from the US authorities, remains unclear. But Vertpig must earn soon. The main trading pair is VTC/GBP, but in the future I plan to add VTC/LTC and VTC/BTC. Unfortunately, at the first stage the exchange will be available only to residents of the UK.

At the moment VTC is mostly traded on Bittrex and Upbit.

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