Verge (XVG) intends to partner with Spotify

Verge (XVG) intends to partner with Spotify

Only a week has passed since the conclusion of “the largest partnership in the history of cryptocurrency”, which was the fact that the company MindGeek, which owns a chain of prono sites, the most famous of which is pornhub, will now begin to accept XVG. But the Verge has already announced a new planned cooperation.

PPE van Dam, who is in Verge over social media called on the community VergeFam, to support the initiative of Dan, one of the volunteers to the Verge that Spotify is officially considered XVG as another payment option.

One of the strengths of Verge, of course, is its community. That is why ttit van dam got a lot of likes and retweets.

In your sentence, Dan talks about the Spotify deal with MindGeek as “a monumental achievement” and describes the moment as “a huge opportunity for companies” that are considering working with cryptocurrencies.

Dan also promised Spotify support community VergeFam in the case of a positive decision.

This proposal is now high enough in the ranking of “Best ideas” Spotify, so it seems likely that the company, even if not add XVG as the payment option, then at least consider this proposal.

The search for new potential partners is the hallmark of community VergeFam, the community members undertake all the preliminary work. Such newly appeared companies, Stripe, and Tinder, and Netflix.

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