Verge: update the internal structure and other news

Verge: update the internal structure and other news

Marvin Piekarek, developed by Verge, in his recent tweet mentioned about new developments and updates, which are prepared in Verge.

Marvin announced the new version of the wallet, Electron [Light] Verge. The new version will focus on the following:

  • Decentralization and security
  • User experience
  • Reliability
  • Open source
  • The impact of the community

Marvin also announced upgrading the code to Bitcoin Verge v.0.13. This update was implemented for the new security protocols. Upgrade to v Bitcoin.0.13 also allows you to create a mobile payment system.

In addition, the new code base was included Ring Confidential Transaction [RingCT]. This feature was added to make the transactions more secure and confidential.

It was also announced about the possible integration of smart contracts RootStock [RSK]. RSK will function as an extra blockchain, so that the main blockchain transactions are still held fast.

For such processes there are no predefined solutions. RSK was only a few months, and almost nobody, except the developers, know how to work with him.

The RSK system is the first system of smart contracts, open source, built on the bitcoin blockchain. RSK also pays the fee of the bitcoin miners in order to encourage their participation in the system of smart contracts.

Verge focuses on privacy and data security, and RSK will provide security, scalability and instant payments.

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