Venezuelan lawmakers announced Petro illegitimate

Venezuelan lawmakers announced Petro illegitimate

One of the two legislative bodies of Venezuela ruled that the recently released national cryptocurrencies is unlawful under existing law.

The national Assembly of Venezuela, most of whose members largely disagree with the President, Nicolas Maduro, issued a statement that cryptocurrency Petro is illegal, and the fact of its release is contrary to the Constitution. As a result, the National Assembly recognized the fraudulent project.

In a public statement, the members of the group oppose the sale of Petro, which, according to Maduro, has already collected nearly 735 million dollars.

The members of this legislature believe that Petro is another way for a corrupt government siphoning off funds from citizens.

In recent years in Venezuela, the unemployment rate and inflation through the roof. And to counter the National Assembly, the President of Maduro created another legislative body called the National constituent Assembly. It is not surprising that the National Assembly endorsed the project of creation of Petro.

Rafael Guzman, who heads the economic and financial Commission in the National Assembly, commented on the release of Petro:

This exacerbates the crisis in which we live. PTR is another example of the corruption of the government of Maduro.

The opinion of Venezuelans divided. Many of them believe that the issue of national cryptocurrencies will bring stability to the country while others believe that this is another one of the machinations of a corrupt government.

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