Venezuela became the second largest market for Dash

Venezuela became the second largest market for Dash

Venezuela has become the second largest market for Dash. Every week in this country nearly a hundred trade enterprises begin to work with this cryptocurrency.

Speaking to Business Insider, Ryan Taylor (Ryan Taylor), CEO of Dash Core Group, which is the legal entity standing behind the main Dash development team, said that interest from businesses and consumers is growing from week to week.

Every month in this country there are tens of thousands of new users of the wallet.

Earlier this year Venezuela was our number two market, and even ahead of China and Russia.

Official FIATA country’s currency is finally devalued. The government is trying to save the situation by releasing a new cryptocurrency Petro, the value of which is tied to oil prices.

Meanwhile, sales volumes of bitcoin on P2P platform LocalBitcoins weekly set new records. The head support Eduardo Gomes called the situation “a hyperinflationary despair”.

At the same time, more and more shops and businesses are showing interest in Dash, among them there are even such large players like Subway.

Just last week added 94 new commercial enterprise,it is two times more than usual!.

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