VeChain (VEN) plans to launch the core network at the end of June

VeChain (VEN) plans to launch the core network at the end of June

The second quarter of 2018, in all probability, will be very eventful in the world of cryptocurrency.

Tron (TRX) has scheduled the launch of the core network on may 31. EOS (EOS) also intends to issue EOSIO 1.0 in early June. Most likely the third.

And now it became known that the project VeChain (VEN) is also planning to launch its primary network at the end of June this year. The exact date is still unknown.

Initially released the public alpha version of the network, which would pass the test of different auditors on security, which the Fund VeChain still have to select and approve.

From may to early June, the Fund will accept applications from all who wish to do testing of the alpha version of the blockchain VeChainThor. 100 selected testers should have some experience in the field of cybersecurity, blockchain development or software development. These participants receive appropriate remuneration for their work, and in the future, together with a team of developers VeChain will work to eliminate all vulnerabilities, bugs and flaws.

In early June, the Fund VeChain’ll post the project code to the public and at the same time, starts public beta testing, during which all members of the community will be able to test the blockchain and wallets of the project. Public beta will last until the end of June, when the start of the network.

At the moment the schedule is as follows:

  • 2017 – mid-April, 2018: completion of
  • Mid April – mid may: Alpha 1.0
  • Mid may – beginning of June: Alpha 2.0
  • Beginning of June – end of June: public beta open source
  • End of June: launch of main network

Currently VeChain is trading at around 5.21 USD.

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