VeChain invulnerable to hackers?

VeChain invulnerable to hackers?

The project VeChain is preparing to move to their own blockchain at the end of the month.

CEO Sonny Lou said that at the moment none of the participants of a programme to identify bugs and critical errors failed to detect any critical issues. In this regard, he announced that he was doubling the reward for finding critical bugs.

This means that anyone who finds a critical error, now can earn $ 20,000. Vechain planning to go with Ethereum, a blockchain on your own June 30.

Once a private blockchain will be launched coin VeChain will cease to be a token ERC20, and its Ticker with VEN at the VET.

Every owner of a VEN 1 token will receive 100 tokens VET. The cost of the assets is not likely to change.

Most of the big exchangers will support the transition, but we recommend that you personally verify that the exchange with which you work will support the transition.

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