Using Dash you can now pay 13,000 locations in Brazil

Using Dash you can now pay 13,000 locations in Brazil

Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency Dash got into the news, as the price of her continued to grow.

Dash recently signed a partnership agreement with CoinBR, a Brazilian company working in the field of cryptocurrency.

This partnership is a special win for Dash because cryptocurrency platform through CoinBR can now be used across the country in more than 13,000 seats, a support platform CoinBR. The company has announced in his Twitter:

Expansion Dash

In recent months, the Dash network grows exponentially, and the price follows growth. Particularly noteworthy is that this digital currency has recently announced that the network is activated a block size of 2 MB to improve the speed of transactions. In plans of developers is to increase the block size to 5 MB.

And with the inclusion of Dash in the cryptocurrency app Uphold contributes to the popularity of this cryptocurrency. The price of Dash responding positively to all positive news, the increase amounted to $ 300 in November to the level in the area of $ 750. At the time of publication of the article prices on Dash is in the neighborhood of $763.

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