Users of BitTorrent will now be rewarded with tokens Tron

Users of BitTorrent will now be rewarded with tokens Tron

After acquiring BitTorrent blockchain startup Tron, it was not clear how these two projects will work together. And now, representatives Tron have announced plans to pay compensation in the same token BitTorrent users.

Tron has announced that the previously announced project Atlas will combine BitTorrent and Tron. The new project should accelerate the work of BitTorrent, and will stimulate new and existing users “to remain longer in the hands”.

The seeders BitTorrent, i.e., users that after downloading themselves become distributors of content and will have the opportunity to earn tokens TRX, if you will stay online for a longer time, and if you allocate much more resources (disk space and network bandwidth) to ensure the exchange of files.

Users who simply download the content will be able to pay for the services of seeders in tokens.

Founder and General Director of Tron Justin San said that this step is “the basis for the new method of content distribution”:

For a start, we intend to make the project faster, to attract more seeders. It will fully meet the requirements of the modern world: mobility, transparency, always-on connection. Ultimately, our desire remains linked directly to content producers and consumers.

In a press release stressed that because the Protocol uses Tron as its consensus mechanism of delegated proof of bet (DPoS), users won’t create tokens on their machines. Reward will be paid “based on their resources”.

It should be noted that all these options will be additional, BitTorrent remains free for users.

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