Users Ethereum support hardwork to resist ASIC miners

Users Ethereum support hardwork to resist ASIC miners

As shown by the survey conducted on Twitter developer of Ethereum Vlad Zamfira users would support hardwork, which makes ASIC miners are incompatible with the algorithm Proof-of-Work (PoW) Ethash.

At the time of publication of the material 57% 6 of the 903 respondents said they would support hardwork, 13% clearly stated that they are against such measures, 10% could not give an answer, and the remaining 20% just wanted to see the poll results.

Zamfir explained that the survey is not associated with a specific proposal, rather he is simply interested in the sentiments of the community.

ASIC received its name because used chips of integrated circuits Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), today are the most effective and profitable way of mining cryptocurrency. However, unlike CPU and GPU chips, which are universal and therefore have many methods of application, ASIC has a very narrow range of applications, due to a rigidly predefined set of functions. That is why even a small algorithm update can make ASIC miner ineffective.

As reported by CCN , the research firm Susquehanna during a recent trip to Asia found that a Chinese manufacturer of ASIC miners Bitmain preparing to release a dedicated device for the production of Ethereum. The beginning of deliveries scheduled for the end of the second quarter.

To date, the algorithm Ethash, which is also used by Ethereum and other Classic coin resistant to ASIC, making it an attractive for owners of graphics cards.

However, since Bitmain is the dominant force in the market ASIC, mining equipment for the new PoW algorithms always leads to controversial discussions on the centralization of miners.

Development of the company Bitmain ASIC Ethash arouses curiosity, given that Ethereum is by far the most popular cryptocurrency Ethash, plans to move to the mechanism of consensus Proof-of-Stake (PoS). Consequently, some users have learned or Bitmain doubt that Ethereum will ultimately abandon PoW, or expect that cryptocurrency will exist both new and old blockchain..

However, if the hard forks to be, it will not be the first attempt at resistance ASIC am. Confidential cryptocurrency Monero has pledged to change his version of PoW algorithm Cryptonight every six months to prevent the development of XMR is compatible with ASIC miners.

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