Users Binance can convert cryptocurrency dust in tokens BNB

Users Binance can convert cryptocurrency dust in tokens BNB

Binance has launched a new feature that allows users to convert cryptocurrency dust in tokens BNB. Chanpen, Zhao, CEO of Binance, spoke about this in his Twitter account on 23 April 2018.

Cryptopine called the fractional values of cryptocurrency, which is often impossible to trade due to the fact that they are smaller than transaction fees. Being below the minimum trading limit, tryptophyl deposited in the wallets of users. Hence the term.

A new feature added Binance, will allow users to convert their cryptocurrency dust (less than 0.001 BTC) into useful tokens.

BNB is a private cryptocurrency platform Binance, which is used to pay transaction fees for all exchange and trading on the platform. Binance is currently the largest platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency in the world. BNB trading at $ of 13.65 in accordance with data from Coinmarketcap and is the best current global asset until 2018.

The process of converting cryptocurrency dust in tokens BNB is pretty simple. Button “Convert to BNB” added to control panel. As soon as the user logs in to your account, just click the button and follow the prompts. Then you need to choose the cryptocurrency dust to be converted. Equivalent at the BNB is shown in the bottom of the page, as well as the cost of the transaction.

Reaction in social networks and forums have been positive. Binance deserves a round of applause for simplifying the process of getting rid of cryptocurrency dust.

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