Us one Antminer, please: In China, sell ASIC miners in bulk

Us one Antminer, please: In China, sell ASIC miners in bulk

Chinese miners EN masse get rid of their “picks”, they sell equipment for mining literally by weight. Cointelegraph reported, citing local news outlet 8BTC. The reason for the sale you know yourself — the rapid decline of Bitcoin below $ 5,000 made its mining unprofitable at a relatively high cost of electricity.

Where to buy cheap asik

ASIC mining has one serious drawback — when you fall in profitability of equipment use in mining cryptocurrencies pointless to buy from you asik does not want one. Unlike graphics cards, which can easily sell to gamers, Usikov there is any practical value in addition to mining itself.

All this is very true for older models S7 Antminer, Antminer, Avalon and T9 A741, now the Chinese sell in bulk. The work of Asimov does not even cover electricity costs, not to mention the maintenance costs.

Worse things are in certain regions of China — Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia. While asik only sell small and medium-sized mining centers at record low cost — about 5 percent of their initial value (considering the weight). For example, equipment bought a year ago for $ 2885 and is on sale for only $ 144.

We will remind, earlier this month, the largest mining company Bitmain has announced its plans to deploy over 90,000 Antminer S9 in the regions with the lowest cost of electricity. As it turned out, this move was rigged in advance to gain advantage in the “war of Harrachov” after hard forks of Bitcoin Cash.

At the moment, the stock market came into balance, today the Bitcoin is trading in a horizontal channel between the lines and 4450 4630$. Top 10 altcoins lost an average of 7 percent of its value, a record for the record low remains Bitcoin Cash.

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