Urgent: Samsung Galaxy S10 hacked

Urgent: Samsung Galaxy S10 hacked

There were reports that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 hacked. In the cryptocurrency community this model is known primarily as an innovative solution, however, as it turned out, it is not as safe as expected.

In February, Samsung announced that the latest model of the company S10 will include a secure blockchain wallet to store your private keys for a cryptocurrency assets.

However, a new video posted on Imgur shows how a hacker named ceeinject. gen! BZ (dark shark) bypasses the biometric security system of the mobile device, not to unlock the phone.

I attempted to fool the new Samsung Galaxy s S10’ultrasonic fingerprint scanner by using 3d printing. I succeeded.

Using an elaborate scheme ceeinject. gen! BZ shows how you can fool the built-in phone ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

He did it with the help of the 3D model of the fingerprint, a print of which takes about 13 minutes, before he photographed the fingerprints, edited the image in Photoshop, I created a 3D model and printed it.

According to ceeinject. gen! BZ, he took a picture of their own fingerprint left on the glass, to your smartphone.

“It took me 3 reprints, to get the correct height of the ridge (on the first I forgot to reflect the fingerprint), but the third attempt was successful. 3D printing unlocks my phone… just as my real finger.This raises many ethical issues and problems. It’s nothing for me to steal your fingerprints (and you did not even guess), print gloves with their image and commit the crime. By the way, if I steal someone’s phone, it will have fingerprints. The whole process will take less than 3 minutes, including a remote 3d printing.Most banking applications require only authentication by fingerprint, so I can collect all the information about you and spend your money in less than 15 minutes.”

Last month, Samsung Galaxy S10 debuted with many new features, however, of the 70 countries the tech giant launched cryptocurrency wallet only in USA, Canada and Korea, where it is available for purchase.

Geographic limitations unpleasantly surprised customers around the world, as they are unable to activate the crypto, although they managed to load the appropriate package Android applications for integration.

Currently, the blockchain wallet Samsung is only compatible with Ethereum (ETH), and tokens of the standard ERC20 on the basis of Ethereum, support for other cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, is planned for the future.

As for the hacker ceeinject. gen! BZ, in his video he changed the image of the fingerprint, so no one could reveal his identity. He wrote that while “it was just an experiment, just the idea seemed interesting, and it worked”.

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