Updates Ethereum Constantinople and St.Petersburg will be introduced this week

Updates Ethereum Constantinople and St.Petersburg will be introduced this week

According to the official report, published in the blog of the developers of Ethereum, the activation of the next two updates of network – Constantinople and St. Petersburg – will take place this week.

The updates must be activated on the unit 7 280 000, which is expected to be produced on February 28. However, given the unpredictable nature of mining, this may occur for one or two days before or after the scheduled date.

Recall that the activation of Constantinople, which is part of a three-phase renovation under the name Metropolis that unites a total of five suggestions for improving Ethereum (EIP) have already been postponed in January due to a detected vulnerability.

Constantinople should contribute to a multiple increase in the efficiency of the platform as well as to the deferral of the so-called “bomb,” and reduce the reward for mining the block in the Ethereum network.

“Bomb complexity” is a feature designed to prevent the miners to continue their activities in the network after moving Ethereum to the method of consensus PoS. However, since the introduction of PoS are still on hold, the developers of Ethereum had to postpone the “bomb complexity.”

Another update – St.Petersburg – designed to remove EIP 1283 of test networks Ethereum.

In mid-January, leading cryptocurrency exchanges expressed their support for the updating of Constantinople, which marks a milestone in the development of Ethereum due to the transition from PoW to PoS. Hardwork is one of the steps towards the full transformation of the network and includes a number of technical improvements.

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