Upcoming hardwork BCash untie the hash the war

Upcoming hardwork BCash untie the hash the war

With high probability BCash will face the hash war between supporters of the forks of the ABC and SV that can cause and even the split of the network.

Differences are in the two competing designs BCash: Bitcoin ABC, which intends to introduce many improvements, and Bitcoin SV, which focuses on a more structured approach and a significant increase in the size of the block.

SV is primarily supported nChain and CoinGeek, ABC has the support of Bitcoin.com, Coinbase, Binance and others.

Lead developer for OpenBazaar Chris Pacia (Chris Pacia) inclined to support users to fork ABC, adding that the network with the most number of users will be more valuable:

“Craig and his supporters coined the term “hash war” to the debate in their favor. In fact, the hash of the war does not exist. The hash will never be the determining factor that indicates how users appreciate the coin. War has always been for users. It becomes obvious that Craig loses it”.

However, from the point of view of the mining hash rate yet the result is not so straightforward, because the share CoinGeek and SVPool make up almost 30% the last 24-hour blocks.

Chief specialist nChain Craig Wright published against competing customer ABC series of tweets in which he predicted a complete failure:

“For the record. Many people like to see me as a Cassandra. Well, here’s another prediction: slow or fast, but we will win. I want people to understand what is Bitcoin. Even if I have over the year slowly pulling one Satoshi of value network ABC, we’ll do it. Without compromise.”

“If ABC remains at SHA256d and does not implement protection against replay, we use it. Until the network becomes weak, while at the global level, the coin will not stop minimise, as long as anywhere else will continue to work the last processor. If you think that I won’t get to the last developer with the processor to burn this last Bastion of hope, you just don’t know me! This is not revenge. It’s a lesson. And I’m going to burn it in the hearts and souls of all socialists of the ABC so that their grandchildren remembered! Have a nice day.”

The result of hard forks are still unclear, so not all of the parties involved assess threats to Wright as reasonable. Technical Director CoinText VIN Armani is convinced that the hash capacity CoinGeek and nChain is sufficient to cause significant damage. In his Twitter account, he called to prevent the hash war.

It is noteworthy that Armani drew attention to the potential threat posed by affiliated miners, who carried out the attack on the PoW network, causing a decrease in their market value.

The increased strife within the community suggests the need for improving management systems and consensus. For example, Dash had no such problems, as the network operates the voting system. Similar functions in other coins is able to resolve the differences to expand a hash of the war as the only possible option of resolving the dispute.

Hash war BCash demonstrates the fragility of the PoW algorithm. Recently launched mining pool has promised to intentionally create empty blocks of other cryptocurrencies to hurt the networks:

“The Shark Pool miners will mine only empty blocks, altcoins and thereby secure a profit of BCH.”

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