UN creates blockchain coalition for climate change

UN creates blockchain coalition for climate change

The United Nations is intensifying efforts to use blockchain technology for work in the field of climate change.

In a post on the blog of 22 January, the UN announced that it is participating in the creation of a new group called Climate Chain Coalition, which aims to explore options of using the technology of distributed registries (DLT) in initiatives related to climate change.

Of the United Nations since may of last year conducting a study on the creation of transparent and efficient systems using blockchain, which can be applied in scenarios such as, for example, monitoring carbon emissions trading clean energy and allocation of funds.

According to the blog post, the new coalition was the result of a meeting held in December 2017 and consists of 25 organizations, focused on DLT that have agreed to work within the framework of the initiative based on the principles of the Paris climate agreement.

[The coalition] will cooperate to support the rapid implementation of solutions based on DLT for climate solutions, including but not limited to, measuring, reporting and verification (MRV) of the impact of all interventions and will be engaged in financing solutions to climate problems.

Now, when the team already has 32 players, the Alliance is looking for new cleannow with appropriate technological expertise. Massamba TIA, who heads the work on climate change at the UN, commented on this initiative:

To fully and quickly mobilize this potential, requires extensive collaboration between all stakeholders, to focus resources in priority areas, avoid duplication of efforts and help to avoid the pitfalls when working on a new technology with countless unknown.

This is not the first initiative of the UN using the blockchain technology. Earlier, the UN worked on a pilot project of the blockchain, in which Syrian refugees receive humanitarian assistance.

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